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Tamar Dental - Launceston

Since February 2011, the name Tamar Dental was proudly introduced and the practice still continues to be a prominent feature as the Tamar River is a feature of our area.

We are proud to currently possess dentists and staff that are experienced, yet youthful. This energy adds to our friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Tamar Dental offers the latest options available in dentistry, this reflective from our modernized environment and the utilization of the latest dental equipment and state-of-the art-materials to ensure a pleasant dental experience.

Our Office space offers a unique feel, where Lovely Tamar Valley Tasmania, meets Africa.

At Tamar Dental, we pride ourselves on providing personalised customer service at the highest level. Throughout your Tamar Dental experience, our team of dental experts will strive to provide you nothing but the best dental care.

We are a team of dedicated, helpful and friendly dental care experts.

Meet Our Team

Jo - Tamar Dental


Dental Assistant

Jo Grew up in Ross, in the Northern Midlands, moving to Launceston in 2004.

Jo obtained her certificate as a Dental Assistant in 2011 and has been with Tamar Dental since June 2013.

Jo Enjoys being active and keeping fit by playing Netball and doing Crossfit.

She loves spending time with her Labrador, Moby, and hanging out at their shack in Bridport.

Just as a note, unfortunately for the single ones, Jo is engaged if you where being misled by the Labrador talk!

Tracey - Tamar Dental


Practice Manager and all of the above

Tracey lived locally all her life, and has also basically been here at this practice as long as the Tamar River Flows through the Valley! She says since 2002, but no one believes her, it is longer.

She enjoys time with family and early morning gym sessions.

But most of all she gets around on a motorbike, and just loves hooning before dawn when there are no coppers to be seen! Go Tracey.

Karen Fischer - Tamar Dental

Karen Fisher

Dental Hygienist

Karen grew up in Scottsdale and also studied and completed her Associate Diploma of Dental Hygiene in Adelaide in 1994. She found her way back home fortunately!

Karen is a dedicated hygienist, is a member of The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia.

It is hard to place Karen, although she is very quiet, proper and reserved, I would not want to ask out too much about what she does after hours!

Karen for example, totally loves and listens to the band KISS. If you get to know Karen a bit, the other side appears!

Kate Phillips - Tamar Dental

Kate Phillips

Dental Hygienist

Kate Is originally from and studied in Adelaide, poor thing!

However Kate has been living and working in Launceston since 2009. Kate is very much dedicated to her patients , their hygiene and education as most hygienists obsessively do!

Her spare time is also taken up by friends and her fur babies.

Don't mind Kate, one thing she really does well is telling a story whilst working.

Please rest assure, your mouth will be occupied, you do not have to talk back, unless you want to!

Donna - Tamar Dental

Donna (Shazza)

Dental Assistant

Donna Grew up in Devonport and Moved to Launceston in 2015.

Donna obtained her Dental Assistant certificate and started as a Dental Assitant in 2010.

Donna enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family and friends.

Donna is a newby at our practice and a bit of a softy, however do not be misled! She has an awesome karate kick from all her work in the gym, and does not mind kicking anything, even through windows, you can believe me I have seen it myself :)

Chris Jacobs - Tamar Dental

Dr Chris Jacobs

Be warned, Dentists love long resumes. Chris does believe the above mentioned staff thinks his OK, but we all know that will never be the case!

Chris is a true baldy, and proud of it. They say that very little grows on a busy pathway!

All of that set aside, here follows his resume:

Chris has been Practicing Dentistry in Launceston since 2007.

Worked in Oral Health services of Tasmania Launceston for 2 years prior to working in private practise in Launy since 2009.

Qualified at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town South Africa 2002 - now you have an idea why he loves African wildlife.

Post Graduate Studies: Special interest in dento - alveolar surgery and Dental Implantology (1 year mentorship and experience assisting numerous Maxillofacial surgeons at Wynberg Military hospital Cape Town).

  • Qualified as a Dental Implantologist in 2005, placing and restoring dental implants ever since
  • Successfully completed post graduate exams in head and neck Anatomy and Oral Biology
  • Completed the Australian Dental Council Examination in 2009
  • Accredited by Somnomed for Sleep Dental Medicine
  • Member of International Team of Implantology
  • Member of the Australian Dental association

Chris took over this longstanding practice from Dr David Galloway in 2011 and Tamar Dental was the result. He loves living in Tassie and the people and their spirit of Launceston and the surrounding areas.

He lives here with his wife and four young children. Having his own team of young children, he finds children consultations and kiddies dental something that comes natural to him.